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Children and the Paranormal

One of the most heartbreaking tasks of our field of work is when we encounter families with children that are frightened about spirits and ghosts. It’s bad enough when mythical “monsters” live in the closet, but when real spirits and ghosts are impacting the young; it makes for a potential nightmare. 

Most Children are Open

Why do so many children experience paranormal events? Because they are open. They have not been “trained” by years and years of people telling them that ghosts are not real. (We know that is a lie – they’re real, now Loch Ness – nah…forget about it.) 

One interesting phenomenon is the “invisible friend”. Now, most times these are figments of one’s growing imagination – but sometimes a child is actually seeing, hearing and talking to a spirit. Since children’s worlds are full of possibilities they tend to see and hear more than most of us. They believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and an Honest Politician (oops), that they do not ignore and shut out communication attempts by the departed. 

When parents tell the children to stop talking to their “imaginary friend” this sometimes closes off the open lines of communication between them and their visitor.

What Makes an Adult Open or Closed?

Children that are raised in a more open house – meaning their parent(s) believe in spirits and ghosts - are more apt to have an open channel of communication. By not teaching them that these things don’t exist, these children are more likely to remember their experiences as they age and see more and hear more as adults.

Families who are closed-minded that tell their children that they are silly and the idea is ludicrous are likely to close their children to future experiences. Not to mention cause a bit of frustration on the child’s part as they know what they are seeing and hearing. There is also a risk of making a child question everything that they see and hear if someone pulls the rug out from under them.

Ease Their Fear

The biggest problem with these cases is not the actual spirit interactions with the child, but the fear that the child has about the spirit or ghost. It is important to make sure the child becomes comfortable with the situation.  How do you do that? Communication.  It is important to talk to your child, let them discuss what they see, never judge them or make them feel silly, and ease their concerns. Bring up the topic casually, however, so not to put the child on edge. It is also important to attempt to resolve the situation as spirits should enter the light, instead of being stuck in this realm. But make sure you understand the paranormal as well, because the little ones will ask tons of questions and they will be reassured if you have some answers to their questions.

If your child tells you that he/she experience a ghost you should do the following.

  • Ask your children what they see, hear or feel. Give them your full attention and let them know that what they are saying is very important to you.  Stay calm and do not show fear as children are very intuitive to our emotions and will react to our reactions.  Also don’t dismiss claims, they will feel like they cannot trust you and may not be open to discuss other issues with you.  It is also important to look for alternatives as well – look for other explanations first in order to calm the child – only when you rule out all other possibilities should paranormal entities come to mind.
  • Ease their concerns. Because of cartoons and movies, odds are great that they are experiencing some turmoil as a result of their paranormal encounters. Take a few minutes and calm them down. Hold them or make them a special treat to give them a sense of comfort. When they are calm, discuss that spirits are people like you and I, except they don’t have a physical body. Explain how loved ones may return to visit and others are merely looking for help.
  • Tell the child that you will help them. Kids expect their parents to protect them. To ignore the situation will make them feel isolated and alone. Tell them that you will help them through this and your family will do what it takes to resolve the issue.
  • Use your religious beliefs and ask for protection for your family and your home. If you are not religious pray to Saint Michael or guardian angels to look after your child and to make sure they are not bothered by spirits. Prayer is powerful – and it even makes others feel a little bit better. Even if you do not consider yourself religious or spiritual there are angels that are willing to help – all you need to do is ask.
  • Keep a close eye on the situation. Watch for any mood changes, anxiety or fear.
  • Never try Ouija boards or séances to try to communicate with the spirit as that may open up more issues. Spirits and other entities can sense an open line of communication and your issue can multiply. This includes EVP sessions, ghost boxes, divining sessions and even “make a noise if you are here” type demands. This should only be done by experienced paranormal investigators who know protection techniques as well as the ability to conduct safe communication attempts.  You never know who, or what, may be lurking ready to answer a question and feel welcomed.
  • Contact a local and professional paranormal investigation group for assistance and guidance. 
Children should feel comfortable in their homes so they can develop into well-balanced adults. As parents, it is important to see that their emotional needs are fulfilled. Never be afraid to reach out for assistance if your child is being impacted by possible paranormal activity.

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