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A doppelganger is an extremely rare paranormal phenomenon. The majority of paranormal groups will never become involved in a doppelganger case, but it is one in which we should mention because as rare as it is – it does happen from time to time.

A doppelganger is a physical double of a living person. The word is derived from German meaning “double walker”. The term has expanded beyond the paranormal realm and it has become a word to refer to any look-alike of any person. In paranormal terms, it has a much more mysterious meaning. Most doppelgangers are experienced when someone catches an image of themselves in their peripheral vision.

In older times, to see your own doppelganger was an omen of your impending death. (Wasn’t everything a bad omen back then?) Your doppelganger seen by a friend or family was also considered bad luck and an omen of an approaching illness. Again in folklore, a doppelganger cast no shadow or reflection and was supposed to advise the person they shadow – often providing misleading and malicious messages.

You may be asking why we are discussing this if this topic was the result of old folklore. While the folklore seems to be preposterous, there are recorded events of doppelgangers that baffle not only paranormal investigators – but family members and in some instances police officers.

A doppelganger can be the result of energy that a live person has expended that has somehow been recorded and replays itself – like a residual haunting, only with the energy of a live person. There are many reports of people being haunted by their likenesses reliving some traumatic event in their own lives.

There are also claims of doppelgangers that appear responsive and have an inkling of intelligence to them. How this occurs is a mystery for all of us. It is a relatively rare phenomenon and one that needs further research.

A very real possibility for a doppelganger image is a crisis apparition. A crisis apparition is an image of a living person who is usually in grave danger or injury. They are able to subconsciously reach out to loved ones, often times many miles away.

Our position – forget the old folklore, but there are residual energy likenesses that can be trapped in time and present themselves to their human counterpart. We also believe that some doppelganger experiences can possibly be a crisis apparition, where the energy of a person in great harm or pain is presented to a receiver, typically miles away.

There have been studies in which a person can be tricked into believing they saw their own doppelganger. When electrical current is applied to the left temporoparietal portion of the brain, one can sense or see a copy of one’s self. It is quite possible that some reports of doppelganger are the result of a misfiring within the left temporoparietal portion of one’s brain. Some medical professionals believe that some conditions, such as schizophrenia, can cause delusions such as a doppelganger.

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