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Malevolent Spirits


Most negative encounters associated with paranormal activity are caused by what we call malevolent spirits. Many people assume that anything negative is caused by demonic forces. While demons are real – they are considered rare and it most likely a malevolent spirit that is causing you grief.

What is a Malevolent Spirit?

A malevolent spirit is the soul of a human being who had ill intentions while living. Since spirits retain the same personalities they had while alive, these spirits can be a bit angry, trouble-some, and just plain nasty. Spirits are like the general population of humans – most mean no harm, then there are the few that enjoy creating human misery.

Most often a malevolent spirit is a soul of someone who was an aggressive person, often times, repressing others or a career criminal. Sometimes however, a malevolent spirit could have been a victim in their lives. They can become bitter and jaded at abuse they receive during their lives and act out as retaliation. Regardless the excuse, they know they are spirits, are aware of their skills and ability to manipulate the living and find pleasure in other’s misery.

Many people will call malevolent spirits demons, which will inflate their egos and give them a sense of accomplishment. It is said that they may lose their power if you lose the fear of them and call them out for who they are.

What are Malevolent Spirits Objectives?

First and foremost, they want control – they want to control others. They want to control the living through fear. They feed off of negative energy and use it to empower themselves. They also want to manipulate people, to second-guess themselves, to fill their heads with hate and anger and bitterness – everything they have in their own minds.

A malevolent spirit may attach themselves to a person or spiritually possess them in order to live their own agenda and experiences since they do not have a physical body.
Best Protection

The best protection is to remove any negative energy attached to you that fuels them. For more information, please read our article “Negative Entities and Negative Energy”. 

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