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When Children Become Trapped

One of the most heartbreaking parts of our jobs is running into spirits of children who remain in this realm. While everyone deserves to enter the light and free themselves of any burdens or illness they may have had – it is more tragic to encounter children. When people see or hear a child’s spirit, their own faith might be shaken because one would hope that angels or God would intervene on the littlest spirits. But like adults, children may remain behind for a number of reasons – however, they are often accompanied by other spirits or angels that are trying to help them.

Why do Children’s Spirits Remain?

When a person dies, they are typically greeted by loved ones. They then progress towards the light and experience a life review. For children, this process is no different. It is the child’s loved ones that will seek to help the child transition towards the light. Yet for some reason, or a variety of reasons, sometimes a child will not move on and seeks to remain behind with family, friends, pets, or their favorite location. Sometimes a child can look for a family similar to their own in an attempt to feel less isolated. 

Since the child died at a young age, they may have no comprehension of what has happened to them and what they are supposed to do. They could also be scared and/or confused. Either way, we should do what we can to help them transition towards the light so they may pass on and reunite with their loved ones. 

It is important to note that we are given free will and some may choose to stay behind in this realm. One theory suggests that spirits of children (being naïve and seeking fun) may enjoy the initial feeling of being free and weightless that they choose to stay right where they are. It is also suggested that children are so ingrained with the direction of parents to never go anywhere without their permission, they may just stay. They will then lose track of their parents, and never receive that permission.

Most times though, a child remains behind because of an emotional trauma of some type. Most times the child is simply looking for their parent(s). Sometimes they are looking for a sibling, a beloved pet, and sometimes rarely, a favorite item that was lost. This child could have experienced a traumatic death or felt responsible for the death of someone else, or unaware of their own death. 

Behavior and Attachment

Usually the spirits of children find a favorite person living in a household and have the tendency to cling to them. Many times, it is another child – resulting in the infamous “imaginary friend”. They also tend to cling to a parent in the household, if they are similar to the spirit’s parent(s).

Spirits of children can become upset rather quickly. Keep in mind that they are already under duress being isolated and alone and feeling lost. If routine is disrupted, they often act out. For example, if their favorite person is gone for a day or longer, their actions can become similar to a very bad tantrum and can be a bit mischievous to downright destructive. This is not a normal child’s tantrum because of their preexisting stress of the feelings mentioned above. 

Helping Children Move On

It can be quite the challenge to get these spirits to move on and heads toward the light. We recommend:

  • Speak to them like a living child (kind and patient but firm and authoritative)
  • They must be told that their parents or loved ones are waiting for them elsewhere
  • They must be told of the beauty of the rewards that are waiting for them.
  • Whatever the reason the child remains behind, it should be communicated to them the being trapped here is not beneficial. By heading towards the light any emotional pain (including loneliness, isolation, lack of feeling loved) will be gone.

The most effective way to communicate is not to demand the spirit to head towards the light, but to reason with them. They should be educated where they should be.  Most spirits of children are looking for one thing - their parents. 

The most effective way of convincing a child to move towards the light is to acknowledge their presence and to convey to them that your sole purpose is to help them.  It is recommended that the light is the place the child needs to go to be with their loved ones. Describe the light as Heaven – and it is a happy place that is fun and is a place where family and friends are looking and waiting for them.  Use descriptions that will appeal to the child- make it full of playgrounds, puppies, kitties, bunnies, or whatever visual would appeal to children. Mention the things they can do in Heaven that they can not do on Earth.    

If the child has a fear of the light they need to be calmed. It is thought at this point there are helper spirits present trying to help you assist the child. Make sure to relay that the spirits that are with you are there to help the child and comfort them. (Do not be afraid to call on the spirits to help you). Let the child know to take their hand. Picture yourself as a child lost – what would comfort you? 

Use the Help of Spirit Guides

A spirit guide or helper is the best tool you can utilize to help a child move towards the light. They want to help – let them know you need their help with the child. Most spirits of children attempt to get the attention of those who live in the physical world because they are seeking help.  Many who have already crossed the light and willing to help the child and realize the efforts of the living to help. 

It is widely thought that spirits that already crossed into the light, come back to rescue loved ones who may be lost and failed to enter the light properly. Sometimes in the cases of little children, other spirits, not known to the children can attempt to help out. A child stuck in the realm between the living and the spiritual realm is a child’s Hell and often times many helpful spirits try to rescue them.

Sometimes the attempts fail. The child may not be able to fully comprehend the helpful spirit or simply ignore their efforts due to the child focusing their energies on the physical world and/or whatever may be binding them to this realm. Their fear may also prevent them from listening or realizing the attempts of helping the child. Children can also be unaware because of their fear and preoccupation with the worldly realm. 

The child may be so focused on the physical world that they fail to recognize their loved-ones spirits that are trying to help them. Have the child focus on family and friends that they miss and want to see.  This can help the spirit transition to the light easier. It also removes whatever fear the child may have. 

Possible Remedies to Common Anchors

First and foremost, reassure the spirit and let them know that they do have a much better place to go. Using common anchors that bind adults to the living realm, they can be adjusted to fit the child’s psychology. 

  • Fear of Judgment

While more prominent in adults who committed a crime or suicide, children can sometimes have a related fear of judgment (be it from God or fear of parent’s discipline). In olden times in some stricter religions, anything one did would send them to Hell. Kids are impressionable and may have picked up a fear.

In this case, tell the child how relieved people are when they get to the light. Let them know there is no punishment in the light, only love, comfort and happiness. 

  • Fearful of the Light

Reassure them that they will find great love, safety, security, and a lot of things that would interest them in the light. Their parents, their siblings, friends, pets are all there waiting with open arms. They can do anything they want – they can fly like a bird if they choose. Make Heaven a wonderful place to a child – it’s full of playgrounds, games, toys, candy and cuddly animals. They can even pet a lion, or swim with the dolphins if they wanted.  

  • Difficulty Leaving Loved Ones/Locations

Reassure them that they will be aware of those/what they are leaving behind. They can be of great help and comfort to their loved ones from within the light. They will not be separated from their loved ones by entering a light, their loved ones will actually be happier knowing they have passed to where they are supposed to be. 

  • Unfinished Task

Kids usually do not have great responsibilities. However, never say never, this may come up. Tell them that if they feel like something in their life was not accomplished or they feel somehow unsatisfied in their short life they can discuss their concerns with those in the light. They will know what can be done. Actually, the child can experience whatever they want to experience in the light. Not moving to the light prevents them from enjoying this remarkable gift.

  • Emotional Baggage

Calm them down. Talk to them lovingly. Tell them they need healing help and that there are people in the light that will help them. Tell them how beautiful the light is.

Moving into the light will immediately cure all feelings that are currently being felt such as loneliness, regret, anger, hurt, etc.

  • They Started Heading Towards the Light and Left

They may have started the journey and didn’t like it. They did not fully complete the transformation. If they did not have a life review, they did not feel the full extent and euphoria that one feels when entering the light.

  • They Feel Unworthy of Going There

Tell them that it is their emotional belief and is not true.  Tell them that there are people in the light that can help them.  Any negative feelings will be gone once they enter that light. Tell them they deserve to be there and there are loved ones waiting for them. 

  • They Don’t Know How to Get There

Use the spirit guides present. Ask the parents or loved ones that may be in the light to help you by calling out for their child/loved one from the light and guide them towards it.

  • They Don’t Know They Are Dead

Obviously, quite the shock for the child – may cause a bit of an outburst from them. Explain to them gently the truth and talk to them about what they need to do. Call on the spirit guides and their loved ones for assistance.


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