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Psychokinesis (Telekinesis)

You may be asking yourself why we are talking about this topic. The theory of telekinesis (also known as psychokinesis) is used to explain true poltergeist scenarios as well as a theory in how spirits can manipulate physical objects without a physical body.

What is Psychokinesis (PK) / Telekinesis (TK)?

It refers to the direct influence of physical objects through one’s mind. It is often said that humans typically use only 10% of our brain’s power, so this idea may not be as far-fetched as some think. This can refer to moving an object or even distorting an image of an object.

There are two types of PK/TK, they include Micro, which as the name suggests, is the manipulation of very small items such as molecules or atoms. The manipulation can only be seen using scientific equipment. Macro, as the name suggests, is the manipulation of objects that are larger and can be seen by the human eye.

Paranormal Means

Originally, the terms were coined to discuss the movement of objects by spirits and paranormal entities. In true poltergeist cases, where the agent is the cause of the manipulation, objects can move, levitate, or be thrown as well as injuries to the agent such as scratches or hitting.

Skeptics View

The issue many skeptics have is that the idea of psycho- or telekinesis violates the laws of physics. Also adding fuel are the many hoaxes and frauds that attempted to pass over slight-of-hand or trickery as genuine PK/TK events.

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