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Touched by Spirits


Many people have asked us what it feels like to be touched by a spirit. Throw out what you see in movies as it is not as severe as is portrayed.  Yes, there are times where a naughty spirit or entity can scratch, hit or push, but most touching incidents are fairly subtle. 

The most common sensation of being touched by a paranormal entity is the sensation of tingles or goose bumps. One often feels a static charge as they are being touched. Sometimes it is best described as walking into an electrical cobweb. This electric charge can be relatively minor to somewhat surprising as to the strength (we’re not talking about electrocution or even sticking your tongue to a 9-volt battery). 

The most I have ever been touched during an investigation occurs at the old Barnstable Gaol. There is an entity there that loves to touch. He/she is not shy either. I have had fingers run up the back of my neck, my ear flicked several times, my shirt tugged, my arm grabbed (where I felt the individual fingers pressing into my forearm), and my hair played with.  When I tell him/her to stop, they actually pick up activity – a little fun for them. 

The most impressive was in Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts. In order to gain the trust of a child’s spirit that is rumored to be in the basement, I was playing a game where she could surprise someone by touching them. She complied when she tugged on my pant leg. She then brushed by an investigator, surprising him. Telling her she could do better than that, she later preceded to stroke on the side of my knee for twenty seconds (an eternity for physical encounter with spirits).  I could feel the pressure of what seemed like a tiny hand. 

A common intent that is often misunderstood is when a spirit “pushes”. It could have been an innocent nudge to gain one’s attention, but since people are surprised and trained that “ghosts are evil”, they automatically assume the intent was ill-natured. Yes, some angry spirits and nasty entities can push out of anger or enjoyment, but not every nudge is a push.  Things seem to magnify when surprised – try not to fall into that trap. 

Scratches too, can be done by a spirit who is in obvious torment or frustration. Their intent may not have been evil, but they lost control of their emotions. Picture being lost and confused and no one seems to hear you, see you, or understand you. After a while, they may start to become a bit frustrated- so not every scratch is ill-natured. However, scratches in a series of three are more likely an attempt by an entity or ill-natured human spirit to mock a person’s religious beliefs and should be considered a bit hostile.  Scratches are something to monitor, but their intent is not always evil. 

When a spirit is a family member or a friend, the spirit will often make reassuring touches, such as stroking of one’s hair, placing their hand on a shoulder or back, or holding one’s hands. It is very common for a familiar spirit to try to comfort someone in their time of grief or stress. 

Another common experience is one where someone will feel another sit or lie on their bed or sit next to them on the sofa. They may feel the bed or couch compress as the entity sits or lies down. Many people associate this with evil, but one such possibility is the spirits letting the person know “You are not alone. I am with you.” 

Below are common ways people feel the paranormal:

  • Random inexplicable cold or hot spots
  • Air becomes dense as if you were walking through water
  • Feeling of pressure from one side or surrounding you
  • Feeling as if someone is pressing against you
  • Light touch on your face or neck
  • Hair is brushed or lightly pulled
  • Unexplained feeling of static or cobweb feeling
  • Breath near your face/neck
  • Your clothing is tugged
  • Tapping on your leg, shoulder or back
  • Push or slap
  • Scratched
  • Feeling of being burned or mysterious rash or marking appear
If you are touched, it can be a bit surprising if you are not expecting it. It is important to remain calm and not judge the action immediately. Look at the entire picture – it could have been playful or loving or an attempt to get your attention. Also it is important to look for alternatives first. Did you brush up against something? Did your clothes catch on a nail, a splinter, etc.? Is there something hanging from the ceiling, tree, or door frame that touched your head? Be sure to debunk first – think paranormal second. 

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