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What is “Battery Drain”?


One phenomenon we experience during our investigations is what we call “battery drain”. Freshly charged equipment suddenly has no power, freshly changed batteries die causing frustration with missed evidence. It is also a way we know a paranormal entity is present.

We all know that everything needs energy to survive. We intake calories for our energy, plants need sunlight for energy, spirits need energy as well in order to manifest.  When a spirit attempts to manifest, they draw energy from their surroundings.

Often times they can draw energy from people, giving them a feeling of exhaustion and sometimes nausea. It happens to us on some investigations. We also experience drains on our equipment that run on batteries. Freshly charged equipment or brand new batteries die right before activity picks up. 

That is why we carry electrical backup and tons of batteries – to feed those hungry spirits without compromising our investigations. But in the case of mischievous spirits, they can sometimes tamper with our equipment to avoid detection. In one case, one of our pieces of equipment was physically turned off after being left alone and on. This same equipment had it’s memory card wiped of any data, a step which cannot be done accidentally. In this case, we have no recourse but to shake our heads. 

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