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Why are Some People More Prone to Haunts?


We believe everyone has the opportunity to experience the paranormal. If they choose to or not, is another story – but we all have the capability.

We can generalize our contacts into three groups –

1. Former skeptics who believe because they experienced something themselves.

2. Those who always believed, but finally had something happen to them.

3. Those that experienced many experiences throughout their life.

Many wonder why some people are more exposed to paranormal experiences than others. There can be several reasons why.


Children, for instance, are highly susceptible to the paranormal because they are more open to the phenomenon. After years of hearing from skeptics that ghosts are a figment of one’s imagination, adults generally learn to block certain images, noises and feelings as everything has to be “rational” and according to “scientific principles”.   

It is thought that some parents unintentionally teach their children to block the paranormal as instinct is to comfort and protect children. How many times have you heard (or said) the following:

“There’s no such thing as ghosts”

“It was only a bad dream”

“It was just your imagination”

These words, although well-intended, do have impacts. These words may teach children to mistrust what their own eyes have seen, what their ears have heard, or what their body has felt. These children often grow up into skeptics.

As for believers, there are some parents who teach their children that, yes; people’s spirits can remain after death for a number of reasons. These children are more willing to trust all that their senses tell them.

Someone is Unaware they are Sensitive

There are some people who appear to be more open to paranormal experiences than others. We call these people “sensitive”. These people have experiences in several locations. Since they are unaware of their ability, they assume groups of spirits are following them. They don’t realize that they are experiencing different spirits in different locations. Most people that are legitimately sensitive are not aware of their ability. Spirits are all around us and they are aware of who is sensitive and are drawn to those sensitive people. Check out our article on “Are you Sensitive?” for this phenomenon.


Spirits and non-human entities can become attracted to certain locations or certain energies. It is well-known that people who harbor negative emotions are attractive to malevolent spirits and demons because they feed off of the negative energy. So people who tend to hold onto negative emotion can attract negative entities.

Conversely, spirits may be attracted to people because of their personality. Either the spirit considers this person similar to a person they had known themselves or they feel quite comfortable with the home environment of a living person.


Some families seem prone throughout several generations to be sensitive to paranormal activity. Could it be through teaching that spirits do exist – thus avoiding closing one’s mind or could there be an alternative answer? Genetics. Could there be something in our genes that make people more sensitive? Again, spirits gravitate towards those that possess an open ability – even if they are unaware by the families involved. There is a phenomenon called “Highly Sensitive Person”, read about it in the “Are You Sensitive” article on our website.

Past Experiences

People who have lived in a haunted house or experienced paranormal activity in the past are more open to paranormal events. Since they experienced it first-hand, they know it exists and are more likely to receive all the stimuli instead of blocking them as skeptics do. The spirits sense the openness of the individual and are attracted to them. 

More Aware

It is often that our loved ones leave us little reminders that they are still with us. Some may be too wrapped up in stresses and worries that they sometimes miss the subtle signs that we are given. Some are in-tune and when they are looking for a sign, they are often found.

Better Senses

One obvious answer that many miss is that some people have better hearing, eyesight, and other senses than others.

Closed-Minded People Repel Most Spirits

It may sound odd, but it’s true. If you are fiercely defending your position that “ghosts do not exist”, odds are you will never see one. Here’s why – first and foremost, you will miss any sign and if you do notice one – you’ll quickly brush it off without analyzing the situation.

Second, and most importantly, spirits will avoid closed-minded skeptics for the most part. Spirits are people and they do not waste time if they feel they won’t be noticed. Put yourself in their shoes – if you were somewhere and someone was looking right past you, not hearing you or even joking about your non-existence – what incentive would you have to talk to that person? Just as spirits can sense who is open to spirits, they may also sense who is closed and will avoid them. In our experience, normal spirits avoid angry people too – if you are stressed that day or are fuming, they’ll steer clear (of course, negative spirits and entities may just find you).

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